Novoline games on smartphone and tablet from all regions 2022/2023


Novomatic is among the top providers on the market early on mobile html5 browser solution have set. for Novoline slot machines on mobile no casino app is therefore necessary. This is now paying off, because it shows that customers appreciate this new variant of the mobile casino. There are still many casinos on the market that offer a casino app for mobile games. This app needs to be installed.

Sometimes this fails because the right app is not available for your own smartphone or tablet. If you have an Yesroid cell phone, for example, you can't do anything with an app for iOS. The same applies vice versa. This is different with the current Novoline Casinos 2023, which can all be played without an extra app. The great thing is that there are no Greentube casinos and therefore all Novoline fans have unlimited access to all slot machines.

No limits for players from all over the world! In all of the listed Novoline casinos, there are no slot machine limits that have been in effect in German online casinos since December 15.12.2020 euros, 1. That means play with more than 5 euro, no game breaks and spins last less than seconds.

The Novoline games are independent of the brand of mobile phone and the operating system used. A modern mobile browser is enough to make the Novoline slots spin. Since all Novoline games are now available in a modern html5 format, no app or software installation is necessary.

Novoline slots on smartphone and tablet

Book of Ra Deluxe Online Casino

  • No installation necessary
  • Works on popular smartphones and tablets
  • Operating system and mobile phone brand does not matter
  • Uncomplicated casino visit possible without preparation
  • Extensive Novoline portfolio available on the go
  • No limits or restrictions

Mobile quality of Novoline slots impresses

Not much needs to be said at this point about the quality of Novoline slots in general. Novoline is one of the big brands in gaming. Many Novoline slots from Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra 10 Deluxe to Sizzling Hot Deluxe are classics of modern casino gaming.

There are many internet users who regularly play at a Novoline casino. But not everyone realizes that it doesn't require a computer at all. An ordinary smartphone with Yesroid or iOS is enough to play the classic version of Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe, Columbus Deluxe or Book of Ra. Novoline slots look just as good on a smartphone and tablet as they do on a computer. The quality of modern mobile devices makes it possible to offer first-class graphics.

novoline games

The gaming fun is already high with the slot machines from Novoline. If you want to see for yourself that Novoline mobile slots work great and are a lot of fun, you can visit one of the many attractive casinos with Novoline mobile games that are still available from all regions.

At the end of 2017, Greentube withdrew from the German market and many Novoline casinos were closed or developed into a multigaming provider. Until 2021 the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force and Novoline and Merkur could come back with it, there are still some providers with an excellent Novoline portfolio for players from all over the world.

Attractive Novoline mobile casinos still available

An excellent address to try mobile casino games from Novoline is this SilverPlay Casino. Visitors only have to register for free and can go directly to the games portfolio. When visiting the website, it doesn't even take a few minutes until the first Novoline game is running in the mobile browser. We have other attractive Novoline casinos, such as Pribet Casino or LuckyWins Casino, that have a mobile casino ready. It is usually the case today that a Novoline casino automatically also has a Mobile Novoline Casino at a hunt.

Current Novoline Casinos 2023 Germany

In these online casinos you can play Novoline slot machines from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All listed Novoline Casinos provide their offer on both the desktop and the mobile version.

125% up €125 New customer bonus

125% up to 125 Euro Welcome Bonus, Novoline, Play'n Go Austria!
Total bonus up to 1000 euros on the first 4 deposits
  • Novoline, Play'n Go
  • Austria, Switzerland welcome
  • No restrictions

100% up €200 free bonus

Up to €200 free bonus on the first deposit, including Novoline + Play'n Go Austria
Total bonus package up to €1000
  • Online casino without limits
  • Austria, Switzerland Welcome
  • No game breaks or 5 second rule

100% up €300 free bonus

100% bonus up to 300 euros to welcome
Receive a 1000 euro bonus package plus cashback
Great tournaments and raffles
  • No 1 euro limit per game
  • Without the 5 second rule
  • Novoline + Play'n Go full access

125% up €125 New customer bonus

125% up to 125 Euro welcome bonus, Novomatic Austria/Switzerland!
Total bonus up to 1000 euros on the first 4 deposits
  • Novoline Games Austria/Switzerland
  • Fast payments
  • No restrictions

125% up €125 New customer bonus

125% bonus up to 125 euros to welcome
No restrictions Germany!
Live casino and sports betting
Total package of 1000 euros
  • No 5 second rule
  • Novoline / Play'n Go
  • No 1 euro limit for slots

When it comes to software, there is no longer any fundamental distinction between a mobile offer and an offer for a desktop PC. Both variants are usually available and the casino will provide the variant required by the respective device. This is a simple yet ingenious technical solution that makes it easier than ever for Novoline fans today to have fun with Novoline slots anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the many classics, there are also various new titles in the current mobile Novoline casinos that deserve a closer look. Novoline is undoubtedly a game manufacturer with a long tradition. But just as certain is that Novoline is in the process of helping to shape the future of casino gaming. This is good news for all gambling fans who love first-class slot machines and don't want to do without the great classics of the Austrian brand on the Internet.

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