No more Novoline for players from all over the world?

greentube the end

Is the nightmare coming true and you can no longer play Novoline games from all regions in online casinos? Greentube, as a software provider for Novoline games, has now made its announcement come true and is withdrawing all Novoline games from all regions. For all Novoline casinos, this means that the popular slot machines are no longer available to players from all over the world. For all other countries, playing the popular slots still applies. 

Continue to play Novoline games for players from all over the world

We wouldn't be us if there wasn't a way to continue playing Novoline online. For players from all over the world it is still possible to play the popular slot machines in some Novoline casinos. The following two online casinos offer you the range of Novoline games for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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As an alternative, you can also VPN server use and simulate another country you are playing from. Because the only thing that counts is that you can no longer play from all regions. But you should do that in advance with the respective Novoline Casino clarify better in chat. There are also providers who make this dependent on the registered residential address in the online casino. 

Greentube bows to German law!

After Merkur / Gauselmann withdrew its offer from the online casinos, Greentube is now pulling the same rod. Gauselmann was persuaded by the negative publication of Paradise Paper to largely give away the range of Merkur games to online casinos. As the largest operator of This was purely a precautionary measure in order not to jeopardize the ongoing business of local casinos. 

greentube the endWhat motives have now forced Greentube to withdraw the offer from the online casinos for Germans is not yet entirely clear. Because the new State Treaty on Gambling did not come about and will remain as it is in the distant future. So it can only be speculated that the emergency brake has been pulled here and that we are waiting for the time being. 

It is therefore quite possible that the offer for German players will also come back in the well-known Novoline casinos. We have often experienced in recent years that some online casinos have rowed back their hasty decisions. The provider Greentube will also be dealing with a measure that will certainly change again. Because the German market is the most important and popular among online slot machines for Novoline games. 

We will of course keep you up to date and all changes we now get in our forum thread "No more Novoline for Germans" provide. 

This is what the Novoline Casinos Germany look like now

The current overview of the Novoline Casinos. Stargames and Supergaminator have been removed entirely. Stargames only offers “Stars” to play and Supergaminator will switch to a different software. 

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