Fraudster casinos exposed - Novoline is out!

Ares and 77 jackpot scam and rip-off

Ares and 77 jackpot scam and rip-offAs we informed you about a year ago, the Ares Casino Scam and its sister providers 77 Jackpot, Four Crowns and Ocean Breeze to its players. Now Novomatic has also done it and reacted emphatically to the fact that the Novoline games have disappeared from the platform. A milestone has thus been reached that may soon also allow other providers in these fraudulent casinos to withdraw their licenses. Online casinos like Ares, with stolen games, were not only enriching themselves at the machines but also intentionally cheating their players. The fact that they postpone payments for months or do not pay them at all is just one point that has been proven by hundreds of player complaints.

Novomatic has put pressure on the platform

On the White Label platform behind which the LTD Hollandia 24 hidden, Novomatic has emphatically intervened. The company could not be located via the alleged licenses from Curacao. Which is also logical, since the specified license is also only invented and only fake on the respective casinos Ares, 77 Jackpot, 4 Crowns and Ocean Breeze. The actual licenses have been withdrawn from the operators for a long time! In order to maintain the good reputation of the Austrian company Novomatic, all Novoline slot machines were removed with a lot of effort via the White Label Solution.

Other gaming providers could follow soon, because Play'n GO is also a manufacturer on the platform, which does not like to be represented in fraudulent casinos. However, Novomatic has already managed to ensure that these providers will disappear from the market sooner or later and will no longer be able to rip off customers. This is a good ray of hope that the providers are not only concerned with profit, but that brands such as Novomatic also pay attention to seriousness and fairness.

Reliable and reputable became rip-off and fraud

Unfortunately, we also had the brands on our side for a while. This shows that every good brand can quickly turn into something dubious. Even big brands like Videoslots rip off their customers with very low RTP (payout ratio). However, they do this quite legally and it is up to the customer whether he plays in such brands. However, when providers like Ares Casino deliberately cheat, that is not acceptable and that is why we removed these providers over a year ago and can only warn you to only deposit a cent there.

Attachment: The in good German, the Magicwin, also belongs to this fraudster's association, so keep your hands off this casino too!

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