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Double Rush and Triple Rush games by Gamomat

Hurry up Moderator Hopper

With the new Double / Triple Rush slot machines by Gamomat cleverly circumvent this 5-second rule. However, I have to honestly say that I'm only thrilled to a limited extent, this fuss with only 1 euro is really terrible. Whether these versions also come in online casinos that do not have these German rules would be something cool.

Topic starter Published: 26/01/2021 8:49 am
top hoppers

I'll put it this way, for people who continue to play in the stalls and think they can gain a foothold in the German market, the triple spins are ok. At least you don't get bored, although I'm already bored if I only hear 1 euro. 😈

Published: 12/02/2021 4:22 pm
Vacuum cleaner Moderator Hopper

The machines will hardly come to other online casinos, Gamomat has specifically switched the slots to Germany. If only 1 € then people have less entertainment and do not have to wait 5 seconds.

Greetings Susana

Published: 15/02/2021 6:01 pm