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Server move done

Vacuum cleaner Moderator Hopper

Hello people,

As you may have noticed, we were offline for a few hours. That was the reason that we moved to a new server to continue to protect your security on our side. Now everything should be back to normal and you can use all of our free games again.

Your Susana

Topic starter Published: 31/05/2020 9:48 am
Hurry up Moderator Hopper

Hey guys,

the last three days we have dragged our performance to a new platform. So we were offline here and there! Due to the new server and adjustments to the website, caching problems may still arise until the new DNS is running in all browsers. But that should be done in a few hours. Sorry we didn't let you know earlier, but this was an unscheduled maintenance by our technicians.

Published: 20/03/2022 3:08 pm