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Ares Casino experiences scams and rip-offs

Active hopper

Hi, I feel the same way as many here, I got scammed by Ares Casino! I've been waiting for a payout of just 5 euros for almost 2000 months now. Same thing over and over again in chat, please wait, we need to check...blah blah blah. What do they have to check after 5 months to see if I'm still completely clean?

Stay away from the rip-offs, you can deposit money without end but pay out, no, we don't pay out!

Topic starter Published: 02/05/2023 10:18 am
Hurry up Moderator Hopper

Hello crazy!

if you take a look at our blacklist, you will find the whole group around Ares Casino with questionable activities. Don't know if you didn't do your research beforehand, because the management has been replaced for over 2 years and since then it's a rouge casino to be warned about. 

I'm also sorry that I can't tell you anything better, more than annoying the support every day, you probably don't have a choice!

Published: 02/05/2023 10:37 am
worn reacted
Active hopper

got on the nerves of support again today, nothing has changed. Standard answers, which are probably already prepared and can simply be inserted via copy paste. Such a filthy casino, you should let the licensing authority know what they charge their players.

Topic starter Published: 03/05/2023 9:15 am
top hoppers

You have chosen the right fake casino, of course you should mention that it was quite good a few years ago, but today it's just fraud and rip-off, no matter how you read about it!

Published: 03/05/2023 11:17 am