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Vacuum cleaner Moderator Hopper

Hi all,

As you have probably already seen, our website has a new look. We completely overhauled the design and renewed it to a modern version. It is now more reader-friendly and better structured. We also had to overhaul a lot of content in general, so we implemented it across the entire site.

We're not 100 percent done yet, but further work won't stop you from playing for free, reading interesting articles, or reading our casino reviews, which we've already updated almost all of them. It is important for you that we have now added country flags everywhere, since some online casinos are currently not playable in Germany. As soon as there are changes, we will of course update it and let you know.

Your Susana

Topic starter Published: 07/04/2023 8:45 am
Vacuum cleaner Moderator Hopper

We have now introduced two new areas, one slots games with general information and good providers who, like the Novoline casinos, are without limits. On the other hand, we have a separate area for black sheep who Blacklist casinos completely subordinate. Here, too, it has been shown in the last few months that there are some providers who especially want to rip off German players.

Euro Susana

Topic starter Published: 12/04/2023 4:54 pm
Vacuum cleaner Moderator Hopper

PS: We also modified the navigation menu bar a bit, so everything is still there, just compressed in the menu bar 🙂

Topic starter Published: 12/04/2023 5:23 pm
top hoppers

Ah fine, I was surprised that some things are new here, keep it up, you're doing great.

Published: 03/05/2023 11:22 am